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Tomes of Magic

Quijo's Will – 002-015-956:
Within the years of my study in magic, I have several in prints of books, which relates to the learning of magem casting. My apprentices and fellow scholars are to inherit this for their studies in becoming familiar with the elements of magic spells. 

Elemental Tome of Water


- Quijo

Elemental Tome of Fire


- unknown
Elemental Tome of Earth ? - unknown
Elemental Tome of Wind 847 - Quijo

Lord Gordon’s Journal – Log Entry 0014-0002-1132:
Yes, I have proven now that there are more than just elements to magic, yet that of spiritual kind. After discovering Quijo’s hidden runes, combining with earth and oneself has proven to be very beneficial. Then again for I have unlocked the spirits of darkness…there must be light… but how?

Spiritual Tome of Darkness 1133 - Lord Gordon
Introduction of Combinations 1115 - Lord Gordon

Magic Council’s Speech by Oqem – 0007-0042-1145:

My years of studying magic have told me only one thing; Gordon’s theory of Spirits of Darkness has been confusing spiritual magic with shadow manipulations. Perhaps it was just fanaticism of darkness, but in order for to have darkness there must be light -common sense. Thus, confusing shadows with darkness. I have proven this with the following; in order for shadows to exist there must be light. After studying the concepts of “Spiritual Tome of Darkness” it was an easy task for me to create light with the same formulas of combinations just different bases. And what Gordon didn’t reveal was his actual combinations in order to make this “darkness” his claims spiritual.

Tome of Light 1143 - Oqem
Revised Tome of Darkness 1146  - Oqem
Advanced Combinations of Magic 1146  - Magem Council
Book of Illusions and Its Combining Elements. 1153 - Magem Council

The Lost Century Rebellion – (Stolen Notes from Zulu Mongul translated to common) – 0011-0014-1245:

My fellow tribe, the Council of the past years has placed a deception upon us. Gordon’s theory wasn’t exactly correct; however, it is possible to continue practice with Spiritual Tome of Darkness in order to practice our necromagic. Now that many Consuls’ Elders have passed away, I have discovered a copy of the spiritual tome that was secretly banned from the lands. Our 100 years of lost studies will be our revenge for this deception. We will rise with the dead and seek our glory.

Introduction of Necromancy 1223 - Zulu Mongul
Reprinted Spiritual Tome of Darkness 1256 - Zulu Mongul

The Emperor’s Announcement – 0014-0032-1303:

“For now and so forth -until I wish, I the Emperor of all lands, set a law that all books, tomes, scripts of dealing with magic must be brought or sent immediately to Domania. In order to use magic, the Domanian Government must give you, caster, wizard, whatever you wish to call yourself, permission to do so. Failing to do this, leaves me no choice then to hunt this outlaw give the subject a punishment of death”

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