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General Information

Nestled mostly within the center of the continent is the sprawling Domania.
A vast expanse, with many miles of wasteland in its territories: The climate is unfavorable for sustaining life, due to the bitter chill that is omnipresent. Harsh winds slash through the fields, stripping them bare. 

Anything and anyone left to the brutal elements tends to die off. The only natural resources are water and stone. Everything else is imported, shipped in from the borderlands. When journeying through Domania, a traveler could describe the surroundings as stark, sparse, desolated, and cold. It wasn't always this way. The first sign of things to come was in The First Autumn of Vyras Rule the crops that appeared to be thriving were stricken dead by an unexpected frost.

The piercing freeze of winter seemed to go on for far more than just its natural season, and the last noteworthy event was when the spring blossoms didn't come that year. They never blossomed again.

This country, however, is perfectly suited for the Emperor. It silently enhances the oppression and desperation in those that cower from him and his allies. most Domanians reside in Acadia, within the confines of the palace or the lavishly gated grounds, or trapped inside one of the many institutions in the capitol city. Some do live in the wastelands and borders, but those folks are primarily transients and beasts.

To travel through Domania, One must carry Authorization Papers, and venture during Daylight only. Freedom of Movement from dusk till dawn is not permitted for any, except the Emperor's Imperial Guards and the Knights. The Curfew is strictly enforced, and violators are punished brutally.

Other Cities

Achethe - The city of Achethe is one square mile. Iron gates and warning signs mark the entrance. It is situated at the mouth of the Domanian Wastelands This city is where the lepers and those with plague are banished for permanent quarantine, when there is enough time to remove them from the general populace.  This city is the final rest stop for the scourge, diseased masses that receive no care.

Belakane - The city of Belakane is five square miles. This is basically one huge quarry. For those Domanians not employed by nor housed in the institutions, this is one of the few income producing areas. Not only stone but precious gems are harvested here, through the toils of blood and sweat.  Belakane is accessible by special worker permit, and bounty is limited to 5 pounds stone or one pound jewels weekly. Harvest beyond that limit is seized and brought to the Emperor.

Estrangia - The city of Estrangia is seven square miles, those who cannot afford to live within Acadia but are somewhat in favor of the Emperor, are permitted to live here, this city is within a stone's throw of Upper Acadia.. Estrangia, however, is said to hold underground tunnels that lead to barrack-like quarters for Freedom Fighters. But tunnel entrances have not been found after exhaustive searches by the Imperial Guard.

Libourc - The city of Libourc is four square miles. Institutional employees and their families are kept in quarters here. It is within reasonable distance of Acadia, but there is a definite stigma of living here, vs. those that live in Estrangia, Libourc is a working-class area that is not patrolled as frequently as Acadia or Estrangia, and the crime rate is somewhat substantial.

Cotovatre - This is a province with restricted access. It is listed as a reference point only, and posted as warning to not come near. When epidemics of plague and other deadly illnesses rip through Acadia, Emperor Vyras and those whom he chooses to accompany him are whisked away to here until the danger subsides. The only year-round, full-time inhabitants here are that of Border Patrol. It is like every other are of inhabited Domania, there is no notable scenery. It is however close to the border of the Amazonian Swamps in case of needing to move Emperor Vyras out quickly.

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