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Emania: The Desert Lands

Land of the Burning Sands

As you travel south in Domania, the weather becomes hot, dry and burning. The surrounding countryside echoes the climate in rolling hills of sand and rock. Here, where nothing thrives in the land of the burning sands, is the border of Emania. For hundreds of miles, red desert stretches, occasionally giving an outcropping or cave of red sandstone as shelter for the foolish traveler or army who would walk across its ground. Many times Emperor Vyras has sent army after army to try and conquer the rich provinces that lay beyond the red sands, only to be met with ferocious beasts, elementals and wild savages that thwart his attempts at domination.

Emania is composed of roughly half these lands, combined with the thin line of Fire mountains where the Gorthos people reside. This barricade of sorts acts as a natural, fierce deterrent from outside attacks. Any good merchant who hopes to possess Emania's rich exports of metals and oil takes the sea route between Maeji and Meridia.

The people of Emania remain an eclectic whole, often tight-knit and independent from any outsiders' attempts of conquering. Though each city-state acts as an independent nation, regardless of its size, when push has come to shove the entire nation has been seen to rise up in an incredible amount of ferocity in pushing back their enemies.

Sygia:  Trading Capitol of Emania

No one remembers exactly when Sygia was founded, and some say it stands on the very grave of the country's founder. Yet, to date, in this realm it remains the center of trade activity. It is from here that the officials of the country rule, preferring to be situated in the center of the bustling metropolis.

Surrounded by smaller farming cities and mining camps, Sygia rises like a golden spark in the rolling lands. A large wall surrounds the city, nearly fifty men tall and patrolled by the royal guard. Though it frequently boasts the best merchants, Sygia is aware it can be open to attacks at any moment, and its people are prepared for that. The streets run diagonal to each other, each stuffed with shops and services vying for attention of the thousands of visitors that come in search of something special. Whatever you might need, be sure to follow the rules of the streets:

    1. Never break a contract
    2. Never kill a man in cold blood
    3. Never upset a Gorthos Trader.
    4. Always follow the wisdom of the elders that have kept the country free for eons.

Other Cities of Emania

Name Export Alliances
Gorthos City Iron, Copper, Steel & Silver Free city-state of Emania.
Kingston Wool, Pottery & Corn *Domanian Occupied
Solstine City Silver & Iron Free citystate of Emania
Balthasar Cattle, Artisans & Silver † none
Meliotroplis limestone, marble, glass & jewelry Free citystate of Emania
*although Emania remains a free rule outside the Domanian Empire, Emperor Narciso Vyras has seen to it that certain uninhabited and border towns and boroughs have entered under Domanian occupation by Imperial Troops.

†some city-states remain entirely neutral in the war by taking on no allies. Even rumored to totally be independent from Emania's own monarch's rule.

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