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Magic in Abyssia

In order to master the arts of magic in Abyssia, one must know thoroughly his or her elements. For example, Zumalek, the evil sorceress, has already attracted the elements of Water, Wind, and Light; she now can create a lightning, chain-reaction bolt.

Zumalek steps back away from the goblins. As a mystic wind builds around her in a small twister, lightning strikes in the dark blue night sky behind her. The winds twirl up into the sky suddenly, as a storm is created in a radius of 5 feet enclosing the goblins. A puddle is quickly formed, while the wind that twirls up brings down a lightning bolt into the water.

In this example, Zumalek used 3 elements: wind, light, and water.

Now we will see how a Necromancer would bring raise an undead using the elements of Earth and Dark.

Necromancer swings his wand with a flick of his wrist creating a black sphere to appear mysteriously. The Necromancer manipulates the sphere’s movements with a chant as the sphere itself glows with a green aura. There sphere ducks down into the green grass—the earth absorbing it. Not a moment later a head rises from the ground followed by a body growing.

Note - The Following are examples of what can be created by each element to mix with other creations; thus, cast a spell. Note, although you see them printed here, that does not mean you cannot make creations of your own. In fact, we do not wish to give all creations available for three reasons: 

  • We cannot say what can’t be created with the elements of magic for it would be unwise to say that we know them all.
  • We would like to see creativity in you and find out or invent your own creation with logical explanation of course.
  • It would take at least an eon to find out what we can do and not do with these elements.

Examples of general Elements, Spiritual, and Schools of Magic.

Wind - Create Missile, Add Coldness.
Earth – Teleport, Manipulate Gravity.
Fire - Create Flame, Add Heat.
Water – Rain, Flood.

Dark – Create Shadows, Make unholy.
Light – Lightning with out control, Create Light

Illusions - Create Illusions.

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