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Faery Tales of Abyssia

Often, tales of mischievous sprites, and/or other ethereal creatures have been told to errant children and sleeping babes. Sometimes to frighten, sometimes to stir the imagination, but whatever the rationale, they have always remained a fascination to us.  When traveling the world of Abyssia, you may cross paths with an unusual individual, or spy a tiny creature that may very well be part of this mythical world of faery tales.

The majority of these creatures keep their true identities secret, as they interact with the mortal world on a daily basis. They choose this secrecy, primarily due to a fear of what "The Large People" would do if they ever wished to acquire the magic the Fae seem to possess. I n these times, where the world struggles against opposition, some have put aside their masks to help the cause, while others remain anonymous.  Hidden or openly, they are a part of our world, and remain to be part of the story.

Note: Fae and the listed below are NOT the same as the Elves. Elves are not prone to hide their bloodlines or cause mischief, and view themselves as a more superior intelligent and evolved species than both Fae and Human.  

The Faery Kingdom:  Deep in the hills, lakes, and woodlands, kingdoms are hidden from mortal view.  Here is where the Fae kingdom originated, walking among the upper worlds in secret.

The Noble Fae:  They carry the most human characteristics of all Fae. Ranging from 5'2 to 6'ft, they have a slender, often waiflike appearance, and an ethereal beauty seen even in the males.  They are also prone to the human emotions of jealousy, spite, and hatred, more so than other types of Fae, but on the average, the Noble Fae are peaceful, keeping to their separate kingdoms.

Pixies:  Tiny sprites that roam the upper worlds, causing trouble, mischief and mayhem among mortals.  With a natural love for sweets and knack for causing trouble, pixies have the uncanny ability to do their work invisibly, and without detection (if they choose to "work" at all!) Unpredictable is the term best used for the pixie ilk.

Changelings:  Switched at birth with a human babe, Changelings are said to have been nasty, ugly children of the Noble Fae.  Even though they have been discarded, should the fae babe ever been mistreated, the Fae take back their child immediately.  Over time, these outcasts developed the ability to shape-shift, to blend in with their surroundings, and, if necessary, to change their total appearance.  The ability of this change relies on their own fae roots, and a strong constitution.  Should the Changeling ever find they had exhausted their abilities, they would be open for attack or danger.

Satyrs & Fawns:  Deep in the wooded mountains of Meridia and what was once Denali, half-man half-goat, and half-man half-deer races reside.  Some believe the races to be extinct, that with the evolution of man, and also because of man's greed, their kind have been driven deep under ground. Harvesters, and Shepherds, the Satyrs and Fawns were the epitome of wild nature, often said to have wild bonfires in open glens, with dancing nymphs and free flowing wine.  Not much is known if they still exist, but the occasional wild tale is spun, of a person coming across a Satyr's secret hideaway, and being driven into a panic when they disturbed the wild-man's domain.

Nymphs & Spirits:  Nymphs and Spirits are the Guardians of the woods; their homes are the trees, ponds, and rivers themselves.  Nymphs appear as beautiful young women, who wish nothing but to enjoy their existence as gorgeous, youthful lasses.  It would be wise to heed a warning; the jealous and spiteful nymph has been known to bring a man to his death should he tread wrongly in their woods.

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