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Adventuring in Abyssia

The World of Abyssia is not a quiet, uneventful habitat as most would wish. Battles of both Weapons and Magic occur frequently across villages and metropolis, often forcing simple civilians to engage in the battles of Good versus Evil, as well as the simple struggle to merely survive. Unexplained occurrences often provoke adventuring parties of the courageous, weak, greedy and just plain curious to seek out these events for both treasure and glory.

Adventures can occur anywhere and at any time in Abyssia. The #HarborHouse has seen its share of would-be heroes and many a drama has unfolded on its floors. For a more controlled environment to conduct the adventure, the Creators will call your attention to the location *A Room name that you may then /join*, if you dare.

Adventures, also known as Quests, are Free Form based. This means the Ops will narrate the setting, NPC's and the reactions of environment meets player. Your part is to simply be yourself. Or better yet, embody your character. Based on your participation via use of descriptions, actions, character history (if a thief, mage, fighter, etc) and so forth, the Ops will determine what reaction or consequence you are dealing with. This can simply be a conversation between a party and an informative. Or a more complex Fight scene.  Here are a few things to remember:

  • Always try to be exact and precise in your descriptions. Merely saying "/me checks for traps" won't get you anywhere if the Op does not know what you may be looking for or where. State what profession and race your character is if it would apply to the situation. This can be greatly helpful in the long run and can make for a most enjoyable Adventure experience for all. 
  • When it comes to a more complex fight scene or where the adventure party has split up, please be considerate as the Ops may have their attention diverted for some time. Fight scenes will sometimes use dice, ONLY to determine Initiative or the flip of a coin. Dice is only brought in on the Ops discretion and may be totally disregarded otherwise. In other words, it is you and your role-playing that guides the Op, not just a roll of dice.  
  • Please be realistic when adventuring. If you are a beginning Wizard or Scholar, you aren't going to be "Mr. Rambo" with a number of weapons just going at someone. The Ops have access to all character files, and WILL ask you for your character profession: if it does not add up to your character's actions you can be asked to change back to In Character terms or leave, depending on the Ops. Remember: It is you who has created your character, within our guidelines and to mutual standards. For the inexperienced thief, to be able to rob an army and walk away unscathed just isn't plausible and cheapens the experience for all.  This is just generally unnecessary.  
  • Please follow both #HarborHouse rules and Game rules when adventuring, it makes for an easier Quest and more fun for others. Above all else, have fun!
Treasures from adventures will be rewarded upon the Ops discretion, allowing the character to enhance their storyline and give different aspects to the character's development. BUT: This is NOT a game of "Levels" and "XP" and "I have more stuff than you do". This is NOT a place where you exist on a "Character Sheet". You bring your character to life, and do so unencumbered.

This game was created for the fun and love of Role Playing, not just giving your characters neat toys and high levels. Too many other RPGs, once holding promise and potential, were dragged into the gutter and became defunct due to the Level and Item fiascos. We will not change our position on this, so don't ask :P Thank you :)

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