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The Imperial Knights and Guards of Domania

This Command represents Emperor Narciso Vyras; the organized, official Militia. Comprised of carefully selected persons trained in the Ways of upholding the Iron rule that grips these Lands, these Guards have been deprogrammed from what they previously knew their lives to be, and rebuilt into instruments of Pain. Once chosen, there is no option of *quitting* the Imperial Guard. There is no such choice for those deemed fit for active Imperial duties. Service commences until death or permanent disability.

Both intelligent and physically powerful, they are an imposing, unbending, formidable force. This group is a paradox in itself...highly visible to the public, yet a Secret Society unto itself. There are both Uniformed Guard and others that move within the masses, undetected... eavesdropping on the commoners, and reporting back to the Empire on what they have learned. It is said that during times of Quiet, when the Guards have nothing to report back, innocents that have done nothing have sometimes been singled out by the Hidden Guard for undeserved punishment.. pawns in the Guards' sadistic games.

The Factions of the Guard are as follows:

  • The Imperial Knights:  The top three Guards who have ascended to the highest stature. They are also assigned to the Emperor, and personally escort him on Public outings. These are his confidantes as well as Bodyguards. These three also command the Ranks, overseeing all.

  • Palace Guards:  At every entrance to the Emperor's palace, at every doorway within, and lining the roads that lead to the Grounds, there are Guards posted. It is considered an honor to be assigned this closely to the Emperor himself.

  • Border Patrol Guards:  These men patrol every square mile of Domania's borders, and venturing into the neighboring countries. Whether on horseback or on foot, they ensure that the Dictatorship remains unsullied.

  • Sea Guards:  On the Emperors' ships, they check the incoming and outgoing ships, inspecting cargo.  Nothing and no one enters or leaves the land without being subject to inspection.

  • Hidden Guard:  As referred to earlier, these are the ones who seem faceless, out of uniform and dressed nondescriptly, who have been assigned to this branch due to their ability to fit in with whatever surroundings are at hand, the ones who keep their cold grips on the wrists of the public without being seen. Perhaps the most deadly faction of the Regime.

These warriors represent all that the Empire holds dear; ultimate control, power, rule, and stop at nothing to fulfill their duties.

For more information on the Imperial Guard, go Here.

The Imperial Guard of Domania is based solely on the creative thinking of the mind of Corinne Santoro on behalf of Perfect Minds Production Team. Any names, dates and story similarity are purely fictional. Story and ideas are copyright© 2000-2002 The Owners of the Game.

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