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Other lands known

Like many places, there are a few lands that have been left to be on its own, or rather are known to be independent for its wilderness and disinterests of its resources.

Among these lands are:

Amazonia - These very far east lands from Domania are known to be jungles and swamps just before the borders of the Imperial Country.  It is known to be habituated by many human and elven females, which are great warriors of the jungles.  In the past, these female warriors have once gotten the eye of the Emperor, and he has even suggested for them to join him in his plans.  When the Emperor was rejected by them he had decided to capture their queen, murder her, and drop her dead body before the entrance of the Jungle.  The female warriors, The Amazons, have vowed to take revenge and kill the "Male Bastard" ever since.  At the moment, the Emperor has lost his interest in of Amazonia after being rejected, and he hasn't decided to press into the issue more due to his focus on Emania and Meridia.  At the moment the Amazons, seek for their knew leader, one who would promise the blood of the Imperial Knight known as Canales for murdering their queen.

Kra'Krat - Just more east of Amazonia are rising hills and mountains known for goblinoids like Orcs, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Red Caps, etc.  Many cities and villages have been built on land, underground, and in various distorted ways by these green and dark complex creatures.  Although these lands may be brutal and the populations may be of violent races, they have come to their minds and use what is left of their wisdom to form a peace treaty with The Amazons in order to be able to travel by using the main road which crosses the center length of the lands.

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