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Meridia: The Southern East Kingdom

Land of Myths

On the southern east borders of Emania lies Meridia. Sweeping out across plains and desert, the land takes on a more green, fertile scenery. Rising sharply from the flatlands, the Thunder Peaks mountain range stretches across the northern section of Meridia, a natural deterrent from raiding enemies, such as the Emperor Vyras.

As you travel south through the mountains, the almost tropical climate presses upon you through the lush greenery and exotic people. Most regions are farming communities, exporting crops such as sugarcane, indigo, cotton, wheat, various fruits and metals. The cities are most distinguished by the rising metal towers that serve as both central community halls, and watchtowers for the infamous Dragon Rider leagues.

As most of Meridia is on a long peninsula, as you travel south, more and more fishing and sailing ports are visible. Meridian sailors are some of the best seafarers in the realm, having been raised from childhood to know the sea better than themselves. As you reach the most southerly tip of the peninsula, the Dragon Teeth Mountain range rises to the east, stretching across most of the coast and inland.  To the west, the Orkinias islands stretch out further south west, known for their beautiful climates, and mysterious legends.

People and Culture

The people of Meridia are submerged in their own cultures and colorful living; not just one group can be defined amongst a throng of natives. Freedom of religion and a long history of semi-isolation has kept most of the country's quality of life intact. This, combined with their deep pride in their monarch and institutions, has left the country independent from the rest of Abyssia.

Taureal:  Capitol of Meridia

High in the Dragon Mountains, a rising city of metal, brick and legends rise. Founded nearly three millenniums ago, Taureal remains the center of the country's activities, as well as her Majesty's home.

Circled by a rising wall of steel and stone, the capitol of Meridia has become a fortress against any outside attacks. Having its own substantial army, training facilities, and the legendary Dragon Riders base of operation makes it one rather very difficult target for the Emperor's efforts of conquering.

Inside the walls, life remains timeless for those who call the capitol home. Politicians flock to the domed castle in conference with her Majesty, merchants hawk their wares in the sidewalks of the pavilions, and families take refuge in feeling safe within the city walls. Taureal is also a major hub for the Resistance and the Allies of the Resistance. A haven that has often seen key people in the fight against the Emperor pass by in the night, or stay at one of the inns on Fairgrove road.

All of this, coupled with the culture of the country has made Taureal one of the more influential capitols of Abyssia, providing needed supplies and support in the fight against oppression.

Other Cities

Orlands Island City Fruits & Seafood
Makitan City Borough outside of Taureal
Millshire Farming community just south of the Emanian border
Blue Waters Island city east of Orlands

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