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A brief history, present and future of Harbor House

Legend tells of a storm that raged through the lands, tidal swells sucking away the properties of fifteen families that lived on the coastland, some hundred years ago. Yet, the Harbor House, with the exception of some wind damage, was unscathed. Logic would dictate that it should have been turned to driftwood, debris and something of lore, but it wasn't. It withstood. The dwellers of the destroyed homes gathered their families and took shelter during the storm in the Harbor House, and when it was over, they were possession-less, but for the clothing on their backs.

While the tale of these seventy-odd people surviving whereas their perishing would have been imminent, is but a small footnote in History, this is the documented beginning of the Harbor House. The humans that lived through this episode have since passed away, but the elves who remain, agree upon one odd fact: The structure appeared weather-beaten and old even then.

A mysterious place, this Harbor House. It has seen its share of living and dying. It has been a refuge for some, and the end of the road for others.

Now the town of Keyport in which Harbor House resides in, has become a place of tourism and where wanderers visits.  The town is on its way to make itself a city with all its constructions of buildings and residences across from the House at the mainland.  Merchants and shops being built among these constructions which offers new labor for those in need.  The population continues to rise on a weekly basis being a town soon to become a city of opportunity.

It is your choice, what this Place becomes to you.

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