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Harbor House of Keyport

Situated on a jetty that juts about thirty-five feet into the Maeji's waters, this is one of the few places where, odds are, no real harm will come to you. [NKZ (No-Kill Zone) unless an Official states otherwise, publicly]. All who enter these doors know, that for the time that they spend here--recovering from a trek, bragging about their latest exploits, making contacts, or merely maintaining a low profile away from the Imperial Guard, that they will find a modicum of shelter from both the political and atmospheric storms that seem to be the norm as of late in the Lands. It is also ideal to take cover here when the sea changes from a whispering state to a full-blown squall.

From all countries in Abyssia, do these people come. This place is well-known amongst both the Underground and the Emperor's supporters, yet the Domanians never seem to find what it is they seek here; Their colors always give them away when they come in to spy, and the patrons and workers become tightlipped, albeit in a nonchalant, polite way. Secrets are plentiful here and kept rather well.

The smell of the salty sea air is in every inch of the structure. It clings to your hair, your skin, your attire. You step onto the well-worn mahogany flooring that has seen many a Fugitive running across it it, as well as those riddled with anxiety pacing it. It has seen lovers both meet and part. Dignitaries and criminals alike have trodden these boards. The history is lush and rich, and new tales weave with the first light of each day.

The walls are worn and faded, the coating crackled and dulled, yet charming in its own right. They hold many secrets; if the walls had ears, surely this place would have been Torched ages ago. Yet, in its modest, humble, yet comfortable (and defiant) way, it still stands and serves.

No matter what table you choose for your rest, the sea is heard lapping against the rocks outside. In the midst of a storm, if someone has left the window near you open, it is very possible that you will get a complimentary mouthful of saltwater with your meal at no additional charge...But the background "music" would be the ocean.

The roof, depending on season, is in various states of disrepair. In winter, the heavy snows and ice crystals bog the roof grass down, threatening collapse. The spring winds that blow off of the sea remove patches of the roofing; in Summer it becomes a fire hazard when exposed to the blistering sun and in Autumn, when the first frost hits...the existence of any overhead protection is barely in effect. But somehow...it is of no consequence. Someone always gets up there and tries their hand at a repair...but strangely enough, it seems that the Four Walls alone are what makes this place the Retreat that it is. What the sky does might cause some mild physical discomfort...but there is still the aura of safety that radiates within.

The Harbor House has accommodations to sleep 50...well, that is the number that the Keeper will tell you, but it has been rumored that with the shift of a panel (no one is certain which panel) a hidden hallway lies, and another 20 can be housed in secret. There is also a rather strange indentation beneath the braided rug in the main flooring, directly under a coffee table. None have tried to peek beneath to verify or disprove the outrageous stories that there is a complete cellar to the inn that sits on a Pier, where others hide, because some things are better left unknown.

A small bar and dining area complete this rather nondescript building, but it is the stories that surround it.  Some fact, some fictional, some awe-inspiring, some amusing and brow-lifting, and others downright gut-wrenching, it is the people who come here now and have gone before, that make it the Landmark, and place for social gathering, that it is. Enjoy your stay at the Harbor House.

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