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The Unspoken Protocol

The unspoken protocol that guides the actions of the patrons of the Harbor House is rather simple to learn, if time is taken to truly observe. What does this mean?

For example, there are some psychics that reside in Abyssia...they *can* read your thoughts. Others might "see" what you are thinking through your actions. Others, for example, three Imperial Knights have been together for so long, that they anticipate the others' actions. How does this relate to you?

Reading the body language of those around you. Being aware of your own positioning. And speaking clearly when you wish to be heard, or lowering your tone when you are speaking confidentially.

"/me thinks" is something that should be avoided, unless it is in a narrative: Even then, care should be exercised. Many times, inflammatory statements have been made under the guise of "thinking." And then the "Thinker" crows, "But I thought it, I didn't say it aloud."

Define your actions. Or conceal them. But by watching the others interact, you too can adopt the secret language of the Unspoken Protocols. And you will be all the more refined for doing so.

Enjoy your stay

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