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Maeji and its Lands

Maeji is the oasis, so to speak, within the World of Abyssia. Its fertile black soil and its seasonable climates--there are four seasons, none too harsh under normal circumstances-- make it a very desirable place to live, especially in comparison to the cruel, cold Domania.

The one drawback is the Great Volcano, Mica located in Shaing-Kao.  While beautiful and a bold landmark seen for many miles around, its occasional flare-ups send belches of smoke into the air, with a fine dribble of lava running down its neck. The rumbles in the ground, albeit minor tremors, are tremors nonetheless, and have on occasion caused panic among those who are for certain that the World will come to an end. There are some doomsayers that proclaim that the World will fall under the Vyras rule, but on Maeji, there are all walks of life. The freedom fighters (Resistance) and Imperial Guard both are known to visit the Harbor House. Fishermen both rich and destitute mine the waters for their bounty. Well-heeled women and whores rub shoulders. It is a laid-back culture, a bit more free, less constrained or formal than any of the other countries.

This is not to say that the people of Maeji are not steeped in their own traditions and customs. Some secret rituals are alluded to, but not fully publicly disclosed. But hospitality seems the key, and tourism brings in a healthy cash flow as do all exports. Maeji is Domania's main resource for exports. And the free-spirited people of Maeji have somehow maintained their freedom from Domanian rule or conquer, it is said that this might be because Domania is so heavily dependent on its resources that it would rather allow them to be allies, to allow their people their Province, and deal with them with civility rather than brute force. This appears to be the only exception of the Vyras rule.

In Maeji, you will find many cities of different cultures and people from lands of the Oriental known as Shaing-Kao to an island habituated by dwarves The Dwarven Island.  Maeji is made of land connected to the mainland and an Isle not so many miles up north with an island or two surrounding it.  The climate most of the time is tropical cool as if it were spring most of the time, however weather would vary as you reach higher altitudes from volcanoes to snow covered peaks of the mountains.

The government of Maeji is quite complex, even though there isnít one as a whole for the country but rather each city would have its dukes.  It is said that Oloth, the island occupied by the drow race, has gained power to govern the main island of Maeji, but few would ever know if this may be true because of the confidentiality in politics in Maeji due to its friendly zoned with Domania.

There are jungles and clearings, lagoons and pools, as well as some stretches of beach that border forests, knotty pine gnarling along makeshift pathways. Rural settings as well as the more commercial harbor where the aptly named Harbor House are situated coexist peacefully. Welcome to Maeji.

Cities and Places in Maeji:

Archland - This is known to be the first land to be above water from before evolution; therefore this is not a specific place but rather known as the peaks of snow covered mountains or mountains themselves concentrated into small villages at the almost center of Maeji's peninsula.  Among the people who live here are artic elves also known as snow elves from the highest points.  This does not mean that this is the only race occupying the area but just a point of interest.  Other races known to dwell these lands are humans, orcs, and dwarves at various parts of mountains.

Cathalsar - Another sea dock city just like Keyport however at the southern part of the mainland's peninsula.  The city serves as a port for the Dwarven Island across a waters of the Ocean of Sins.  However, Cathalsar is not a city known for tourism but rather over populated and low incomes, which had lead the city into crime.  At Cathalsar it is known that you may find fiends scheming up on you.

Dwarven Islands - The Dwarven Islands bluntly centered in Ocean of Sins, has been known to be the heart of it.  Do not let the name fool you, because there are more than just dwarves on this island.  Pirates, Buccaneers, or Swashbucklers dwell these lands of hot tropical climate as well whether dwarf or not.  The Island is mostly populated with towards it shores, no one really seeing point into going deeper to its jungles that are habituated by shaman tribes who are known to give one or two dwarf a scare or too.  However, this doesn't stop a dwarf from well being a dwarf and making this small island tougher than it seems by their machismo ways.  Therefore the nameless island was named The Dwarven Island commonly known for its pirates among themselves.

Keyport -  Home of the Harbor House, which is shortly remote from the mainland by 35 feet length of sea.  Among this Island and the mainland of it, which currently there is bridge construction being made from the mainland to it, are various of merchants, shops, and inns.  This city is far new, and perhaps can be called a town, which again it is still under construction but has gotten the eyes of quite few tourists and wanderers from being a safe haven most of the time surrounding the Harbor House.

Maeji Isle - Maeji Isle is made of a couple of cities and various of towns and villages within an island up north from Keyport at the mainland.

Whispering Hills - The name coming from the windy hills which seem to whisper eerily at west of Maeji Isle which faces Oloth.  These hills are mostly habituated by elves of all kinds, who have takent he liberty to form small villages among the bumpy lands.  In the warmer climates, these lands are known for the joy among their people.  However, when colder weather begins to kick in, it is known that the drows of Oloth make their way here since it is the closest port to Oloth.  With this, brawling is known to start, and even a numerous amount in the past and sometimes know there have been battles and raiding in these lands.  Even though, the lands seems peaceful at time, it known to be the first point of attack from the neighbors known as the drows.

The Oloth - The Island just north west from Maeji Isle which is occupied by the race called the drows, which you might have already known.  It is a land where few have ever walked through besides the drows in the day mystically covered by fogs and deserted.  In the past it has been known to be the land of bloodsuckers or vampires because of its ghostly appearance in the day and fogs, but that theory was proven to be false (therefore vampires do not exist).  However as time took its role, in the world people began to realize what was really dwelling there - ebony skin elves with white hair who are nocturnal.  At night few would ever know what really occurs on the Island as so far no one has had the gut to go in, or rather those who have went there by night are still being awaited for their return.  Rumor is that Domania and Oloth may have an allegiance and that is why Domania has not decided to spread and conquer Maeji.

Shaing-Kao - The oriental district which is the home of the great volcano, Mica.  Shaing-Kao is known for its extraordinary architecture of its buildings and dwellings and to be habituated by Humans.  The weather raises up to a high warmth with its heat mostly concentrated towards the active volcano just several miles away.  In Shaing-Kao you may find an odd mixture of vegetation and weather due to the sudden turn of climate from along such small mass of land.  The people are mostly friendly and humble, few decide to attack this due to many of them prefer the accommodations of the city and the people rather to ruin it.  However, like most skeptical places the city of Shaing-Kao within the lands does have its own guards ready to take action and remove anything from inside the city walls that have been built for two reasons, lava and keeping what is not best out.

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