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Commonly Known Races

Take note that this is  a guideline and it is not mandatory to choose your race from here for your character.  You are allowed the creativity of it so long we can approve of it.

The following are commonly known races in general.

Humans - Humans are one of the most common races in the world of Abyssia.  Even though they do not have any natural advantages or disadvantages like other races, they are the balance among all types.

Elves - Elves are mostly slender, with pointed ears, and taller than humans, even though they have been known to have cousin races that are identical to them but smaller and perhaps a lot more mischievous like the kenders.  Elves can have many different types of complexion and appearance depending on climate, region, or type of society they are in.  Such sub-races are, Kenders, High-Elves (usually have longer and much pointed ears), Snow Elf, Desert Elf, Aqua Elf, and the infamous Drow.

Drow - The Drow is a class of elf, which has taken the liberty of being its own race apart from the regulars.  They are of ebony darker skin that regular elves, and with snow white hair.  Most of them are consider to be evil, or though it has been known that there be a  few who has separated themselves from the Drow Society in Oloth or has denied to join them; the consequences of this is to be hunted and slain by them.  This Drow females are considered to be leaders of the male and much higher in their ranks regardless of family.  It is a very sexist race like the class of the Amazons, however they see to the males having worth.

Dwarf - Dwarves are interesting, and perhaps fun to interact with.  They are much shorter than elves and humans, usually with big noses and a long beards most of the times regardless of gender.  Their attitudes may vary from chaotic type, spontaneous, and can be funny at times. They are very known for fighting, brawling, blacksmithing the best armor, and brewing the best liquor. Some sub-races are Mountain Dwarf, Underground Dwarf which can be confused with a Dark Dwarf.

Dark Dwarf - A Dark dwarf would be even more chaotic then a chaotic normal dwarf, they usually have no morals and are considered to be wild. They have a better infravision than regular dwarves and elves. They dwell underground mostly in tribes and keep themselves hidden most of the time... till they come out for blood.  Most would be evil or neutral, it has yet not been seen a virtuous dark dwarf who has turn away from this hideous society.

Goblinoids - Goblinoids are a family race varying from Orc to a Simple Goblin.  They have the best infravision of all races even better than that of the drow and dark dwarf.  Their logic is lacking and makes them have a flaw intelligence.  However, do not let this fool you, because when it comes to rampaging they can think up the best gimmicks and strategy to take on their opponents.  Races that are included in the Goblinoids family are for example, Orcs, HobGoblins, Goblins, Kobolds, and Red Caps,

Gnome - Cousins to the dwarven race, however much intelligent and a slight shorter.  At times you may see some them on to something, like making layouts, taking notes, or playing with gadgets .  They have archived to be the top race in knowing physics, chemical, alchemy, and so many other sciences.

Other races that we like to mention:

- Ogres
- Imps
- Half-Giants
- Dragons (we are very strict on this race to be played, but it is possible to play them.)
- Kobolds
- Minotaurs
- Half-Elf
- Half-Dwarf

Races we do not allow for storyline purposes:

- Vampires or anything related
- Werewolves of anything related

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