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Classes and Professions of Abyssia

There is a difference between classes and professions in Abyssia, and I would like to say in many occasions besides the game.  To make things easier, I would help you to differ them.

Classes are what a person naturally is.  In other words, 'a natural' at fighting, casting magic, thievery.  Also classes are much related to skills of the character.  If the character have the skills of pick-pocketing, move silently, climb walls, then theoretically the character would be a naturalist thief.  If the character has abilities with swords and fighting, then the character would be a fighter.  

However do not allow me to stereotype what are suppose to be classes because among classes there are specialty classes.  For instance an Amazon (female warriors of the jungles or forest) is consider to be a fighter, but her natural training had lead her to be experience with more details; therefore her class would be an Amazon and perhaps is a armor maker in her tribe, which means that would be her profession to make armor.

Now Professions what the character does with his or her skills.  If the character is a fighter and can built weapons, most likely, the character would have a blacksmith for a profession, but that doesn't mean the character can't be a town crier in profession and fighter in class.  It would just seem a little awkward but original of a fighter was a town crier; original as mixing up two very distinct types, and awkward being that the fighter uses his natural skills to tell the latest gossip.

Here's a list of some of the classes in Abyssia: (note this is not mandatory to choose a class from this list it is just a guideline)

- Fighter 
-Wizard Slayer or Inquisitor 

Notice that a Knight or a Priest are not classes, since a Knight originates most likely from a fighter (not necessary, a knight can originate also from other classes) and a Priest most like originates from a cleric, shaman, druid, or even mage (the same applies, can originate from a fighter or anything else as well).

The following will give you more information on the professions.

The world of Abyssia does not offer the most ideal living standards for everyone. Violence and oppression have become an everyday struggle for some, while others seclude themselves in the thick forests, away from the hardships of Modern 'Abyssian' life.

But these conditions in life have created its own demands. The need for weapons has produced a number of Blacksmiths. Researchers and Scholars have come out from the woodwork to study the latest sciences and theories, hoping to find something to help their world. Healers and Clergy, even Entertainers and Thieves have been in demand to help supply the needs of the people in these times.

Whatever the case may be, there has been no lack of jobs across the continents. In traveling Abyssia, and in selecting a profession, think on these points before committing to any one trade.

  • What skills do I have to offer, that can be best put to a profession?
  • What need is in greater demand right now that I may offer my skills?
  • What am I most familiar and comfortable with?
Below you can find a list of professions currently offered. Do note that some have higher standards, and you might find difficulty in obtaining it unless you are willing to work for these. Dragon Riders and Imperial Guards are two examples, where separate forms and training will be needed. However, do not limit yourself to just this list; if you feel you are more suited to another kind of profession, please feel free to Tell us.
- Perfume maker.
- Comb makers.
- Arte della Lana. [wool worker]
- Rough carpenters.
- Manufacturers of saddles for donkeys and mules.
- St. Mary's Gate [silk worker].
- Spicers.
- Physicians.
- Manufacturers of pack-saddles for horses.
- Furriers.
- Retail wine merchants, as tax, 2 silver pieces per pound received by the Empire of Domania from the sale of wine.
- Butchers.
- Cobblers.
- Smiths.
- Linen and yarn merchants.
- Dealers in used and new locks.
- Dealers in bed feathers and mattress-makers.
- Stonemasons.
- Woodcutters.
- Old clothes and used linen dealers.
- Oil, cheese, and grain merchants.
- Chaff and fodder makers.
- Armor smiths and sword smiths.
- Tanners, wholesale and retail.
- Helmet smiths and brass workers.
- Bakers (for bake ovens).
- Goldsmiths.
- Flask makers.
- Purse makers.
- Chest and trunk makers.
- Harness, girdle and belt makers.
- Coopers and barrel makers.
- Coffin makers.
- Kneading-trough makers.
- Manufacturers of iron and wooden shields.
- Saddlers.
- Cloth-folders and finishers of Meridian cloth.
- Retailers of tripe, cooked beans, and bean-meal, vegetables, vermicelli, stews, etc.
- Cloth-folders and finishers of Domanian cloth, royal outfitters.
- Tallow merchants and catgut makers.
- Greengrocers.
- Wagon or carriage makers.
- Hat and cap makers.
- Mule drivers.
- Haulers of sand, lime, mortar, paving stone, tiles, slates, stones, and hewn stones.
- Dyers of all kinds.
- Painters.
- Bowl makers, dart makers, turners, spinning-wheel finishers.
Proprietors of bath rooms and houses.
- Proprietors of massage parlors.
- Hand porters.
- Barbers.
- Teachers of grammar, arithmetic, reading, and writing.
- Makers and sellers of glass vessels.
- Town criers.
- Spiked helmet, buckle, and clasp makers.
- Judges and notaries.
- Money changers or bankers.
- Parchment merchants.
- Bookbinders.
- Sewer cleaners.
- Garbage removers.
- Tailors, seamstresses, and menders.
- Weavers of all kinds.
- Journeymen and apprentices to dealers in merchandise.
- Journeymen and apprentices to alchemists.
- Fletchers and arrow makers.
- Public weighter.
- Smelters and workers at furnaces, coin makers; as well as those who put the gold and silver in the furnaces; also the assayers in all money operations.
- Packers.
- Dice makers.
- City river fishermen.
- Brick and lime burners.
- Makers of earthen vessels.
- Manufacturers of glass vessels in the district.
- Bell founders.
- Wheel makers.
- Lenders of draught mules.
- Millstone makers.
- Brokers of all kinds.
- Quarry Workers.
- Sellers of quarry products.
- Basket makers.
- Laborers in the marble and sandstone quarries.  
- Clerics
- Alchemists.
- Scholars.
- Scientists
- Medicine man.
- Mercenary.
- Bounty Hunter.
- Landholder or Nobleman.
- Soldier in a Royal Army.
- Sailor or Captain of a Private Sea Vessel.
- Pirate.
- Sailor or Captain in the Navy.
- Hermit.
- Spouse, Parent or Homemaker.
- Ranger.
- Military Training Instructor.
- Institutional Director.
- House Servant.
- Waiter or Barmaid.
- Food Preparing.
- Visionary.
- Psychic or Oracle.
- Gypsy.
- Knight.
- Guard or Patrolman.
- Concubine.
- Mistress.
- Brothel keeper.
- Brothel worker.
- Out-of-Work, unemployed.
- Farmers.
- Smugglers of contraband.
- Sea Harvesters.
- Institutional Workers.
- Institutional Inmate.
- Nursemaids.
- Midwives.
- Historians.
- Librarians.
- Recorder of current events for news parchments.
- Beggars.
- Grave Diggers.
- Musicians and Lyricists.
- Playwrights.
- Non-musical Performing Artists.
- Florists and Floral Arrangers.
- Book Keepers.
- Stablemen
- Breeders of Livestock.
- Tax Collectors.
- Jewelers.
- Laundresses.
- Engravers.
- Undertakers.
- Cemetery Caretakers and groundskeepers.
- Dockhands and Harbormasters.
- Retailers and Wholesalers of Fish.
- Shipbuilders.
- Honeybee Keeper.
- Owners/Operators of cargo and passenger carrying services.
- Ale Brewers.
- Semi-Retired or Pensioner.
- Wagon Driver


When considering the Items and Equipment of your Character, consider the profession you chose. What weapons, clothing, equipment, etc they would need. Items are left up to the player's choice.. so long as it coincides with the character.

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