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Harbor House Rules

~The rules are posted in plain view on the front doors of the Harbor House. All whom enter are responsible for knowing these standards of behavior. Ignorance is no excuse. Familiarize yourself and enjoy your stay.~

- Innkeeper

Rooms, both private and semi-private, are available for rent within the Harbor House. If you intend to stay for more than a meal, kindly inform the Attendant on Duty so your room can be readied.

*Families are Welcome. HOWEVER--Children left unattended roaming the Harbor House will be promptly carted off to the Mainland Orphanage. Whilst this structure does offer protection from the elements, it does not offer daycare. No exceptions.

*The attendant on duty strives to keep brawling to a minimum in Harbor House. However, when United Forces of two or greater enter, such as the Imperial Knights, you are forewarned that injuries in all probability can be sustained. In rare instances, Death can happen as well.

(If an attendant is on duty, the NKZ (no-kill zone) clause may be nullified if the attendant deems this action fit.)

You are advised to retreat to your room or take cover beneath a table if the Knights are not seeking You at that time. If you are the one sought...it might be best to show yourself and protect innocent bystanders from Harm.

*Wicked grins and seductive smiles are permissible...but there will be no public displays of sexual affection, i.e., groping, fondling, or other activity better suited to a bedroom. You will be asked once, and only once, to take it to your Room. If you do not comply...you will be thrown off of the pier. And aye, sharks do infest these waters.

*Meals are served twenty-four hours, and may be added to your Room bill. If no attendant is on duty when you arrive, you are permitted to sleep in the foyer on a cot, free of charge, and indulge in some complimentary Travelers bread and water. These cots are checked each morning to ensure that no vagrants/transients abuse this courtesy.

*Pets and livestock are not allowed inside the doors of the Harbor House. They should be left on Shore, or at very least, tied to the Dock.

*There will be no conversations held openly that can be construed as words not emitting from you, an Abyssian. *In other words, no OOC.* The attendant reserves the right to throw offenders off the pier without warning if this standard is breached. *In other words...kicked.*

*Management is not responsible for your Valuables unless they are kept in the Secured Treasure Chest. If you walk about with flashy jewels, or flaunting your monies, you could very well end up face down in the waters, beaten and robbed and left to die. This unpleasantly has happened in the past; a moment of stupidity can snuff a person out.

*Management reserves the right to add to, and alter these rules without prior notice. It is advisable to refresh your knowledge of them on a frequent basis. Enjoy this FFRP. Our Style may be something Unfamiliar to you at this Precise Moment but we feel that it is something that you will Embrace.

Be Sure to Visit the Links to your Left. Thoroughly submerge oneself in this Land...in your Character...We provide the Means, it is up to you to provide the Ways. Knowledge is survival here. And the only limits...are within your Own Mind.

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