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The year is 1326 in the world called Abyssia. In this time of dark ages, our people struggle for their dignity and freedom of The Empire of Domania; for those who already have it, they’ve forced, struggled, will into themselves to keep it or die trying.

One ruler stands high above his Empire, claiming his supreme god and religion; forcing it to be spread throughout the World.  As freedom fighters join and regroup to take on the Empire's followers, those deemed worthy of the cause, those taking charge in forcibly spreading the dictatorship of the Empire.

Society has developed the system of "Follow or be killed".  Amongst those in this society, some would be called rebels, but deep in their hearts they fight back with a reason.  Regardless of their diverse races, they stand together as beings seeking the freedom from the cruel tyranny, with what they call, “signs from the gods.”

Though no one has ever seen any god or goddess, the ruler of this Empire has claimed to with his iron hand and army; therefore, he is the chosen one for his precise speeches and eerily accurate predictions.  Would it be a false claim or a set-up?  Perhaps this set-up is what the Emperor would manipulate events to match his predictions?

One may not know, but one follows whom he wishes accepting the consequences in the path of life.  If not, one will continue to follow through the average day of life suppressing one’s dignity for the rules—rules set by a man claiming to be sent by the God of this world.

Your choice is what you will live by daily, remember that, because in this World, it is your self-respect that is on the line or the riches offered for it if you're worthy enough to become Imperial.

In this World you will find yourself with many beings of different kinds, religions and purposes due to having several countries and cities of different cultures, politics, and meanings.  Faith has a true meaning from the dwellers of lands being so religious-biased without the sight of the gods.

Come, your fate awaits you here…

- Theodore Arraphe

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