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Domania:  Institutions

The Official Listing of Public and Private Institutions in the Acadia.

The Emperor's Palace. (Upper Acadia)
This breathtaking, sprawling stone fortress is located on fifty acres, behind a wall that stands the height of ten men. The pathway to the Main Entrance is lined on each side with candles, housed in gold-encrusted skulls. These skulls are from the foes of the Emperor, and the Guards light and extinguish each of the hundreds of candles each night. The Emperor has recreational facilities here as well, from a hot natural spring-fed pool, to vomitoriums for his guests' relief while attending his famous galas, to torture chambers set away from the Main Building.

The Estates Within the Gated Grounds. (Upper Acadia)
These estates are miniature replicas of the Palace, conforming in size and coloring, none allowed to be as Grand as the Palace itself, and are inhabited by relatives and allies of the Emperor, tenants hand-chosen himself. These estates are surrounded by a common wall, and the nobility that lives here are at the Emperor's beck and call for favors a small price, in their collective mind, to pay for the luxuriant lifestyle.

The Imperial Knights Headquarters. (Upper Acadia)
Not to be confused with where the Ranks train.  This is the structure that houses The Knights for conferences and briefings with Emperor Vyras himself, strategic planning sessions, as well as a Security Force easily dispatchable to the sectors of the City.

The Abyssia Resource Center of Vital Statistics (Upper Acadia)
Where births, deaths, marriages, records of wealth and property deeds are housed, as well as medical records and the notes that the Emperor has kept on all he views as potential Threats. The Library also shares space in these Hallowed Halls.

The Insane Asylums *2* (Lower Acadia)
Packed to the rafters, these two windowless structures house those that have been labeled as mentally defective. This term is damaging to one's character: The term need not be proven, again, the accusation need only come from one with Authority bestowed by the Emperor. Ergo, the sane and deranged alike are here, crime is rampant, and many children who now inhabit the Orphanage were conceived in one of the two Asylums, in acts of brutality. By inmates and Guards alike. Two of ten die while in here, three of ten are transferred to Domania Prison, others make their way back into society. Treatment is not offered for the suspected ailments...this is merely a dangerous warehouse facility.

Domania Prison (Lower Acadia)
Where the hardened criminals are housed, as well as those that Emperor Vyras ordered being held there. Sharing cells are those who have committed crimes against nature, his fellow man, and the rebel fighters that have been captured by the Imperial Guards. The young adults generally do not fare well when incarcerated here, as they are preyed upon by the older population. Of those not serving lifetime terms, eight of ten die before they are released.

The Work Camps of Acadia *3* (Lower Acadia)
Three work camps house all who have been accused and captured for petty crimes, crimes not substantial enough to land in Domania Prison. Note: "Accused" is the key word..many who find themselves here might have truly done nothing wrong. They may merely have caught the eye of an Imperial Guard who deemed them to look "suspicious". Sentences here vary from three months to three years. Women and men alike (the camps are not segregated due to gender) are forced to labor in the quarries as well as special work details as outlined by the Guards. Three out of every ten in custody die while in Work Camp.

The Acadian Orphanage (Lower Acadia)
Here are the close quarters where children from infants to young adulthood are crammed and confined, with dim hopes to be taken in by Families. Those not farmed out to live with people graduate to work camp upon the age of maturity. These forgotten children are the exception in the work camps; they need not have committed any crime to be placed there. Seven out of every ten children who reside here do not live past the human age of fifteen, due to disease and crime.

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