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Server and Game Rules

We would like to create a safe, fun environment for players to come to escape their everyday lives. In creating this, all we ask is you follow a few guidelines in helping to keep this environment for everyone.

Please Note: Server and Game Rules & The #HarborHouse rules will be two totally different set of rules. One is to follow while in the setting of the game, the other is for the chat room and server. Regardless, it is asked that you follow both, thank you.

OOC and IC:

First and foremost, we ask that you keep all out-of-character subjects and channel discussions off the main channel. OOC can disrupt other players' role-playing and there is little tolerance for this. Please remember to keep all OOC in whisper. If you need to talk about something OOC, take it to an OOC related room, or whisper. This way it is respectful to the other players.

Conduct in the Channel:

While hidden innuendos, stolen kisses and innocent touches are alright, acts such as groping, fondling, overly excessive kissing and/or any conduct that is disruptive and in bad taste are not allowed in the channel. The same goes for verbal harassment and violence, but that is a subject best left to the Ops decision. Please be respectful by keeping it clean.

Advertising other games in the room:

This is a Server Wide Rule. You cannot come into a room just to advertise a completely different room and game. (How would you feel if someone came into your room disrupting your RPG, and advertising across the screen about a totally different game? None too pleased. So please have respect for this rule, otherwise it will be an auto-kick and possible ban by Ops.)

Ops Decision:

Ops can be on at any time during your stay at #HarborHouse. They are there to keep the game fair and safe for all players. While you may not like or agree with an Ops decision, please respect it and do not disrupt the channel by creating an argument. Some Ops might see something in a totally different light, and may react differently depending on a situation. If you feel a case was wrongly handled, take it up with the Ops and they will try to explain in an OOC channel.

Godmoding and Powergaming:

Godmoding is a hard term to judge. It's when a player takes a character, and gives them godlike abilities: Always the winner in fights, never takes a scratch and can do it all, or simply doesn't acknowledge their opponents actions. In Abyssia, we ask that you do not become one of the few who bring down a game because they want the do-it-all, know-it-all character. In some cases, extreme power gamers and godmothers will not be tolerated by an Op or other player who reports it to an Op, and will be asked to leave the channel.

The Setting of the Game:

If you didn't know, Abyssia takes place somewhere in the early renaissance, medieval period. Unlike actual history though, Abyssia is a completely different planet, in a completely different era and space. This allows for the multitude of characters, races, stories to run, and gnomish gadgets/inventions. This also means we are *not* a Sci-Fi RPG. We don't have machine guns or lightsabers... anything that denotes a technically advanced world. Please remember this while playing in channel, as any OOC is not permitted.

Questions & Concerns:

For a list of the server rules please follow the site links when you click here.

If you have any questions or concerns contact Perfect Minds with your questions, and they will get back to you as promptly as possible.

Most Importantly:

Have Fun!!

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