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"Collaring" in Abyssia

The wearing of a cruel, contrastingly tight band of steel clamped at the nape of one's neck, is occasionally seen in the #HarborHouse. This is not a mere piece of Jewelry. This is an option for some Characters, and this is not a matter to be taken lightly.

Collaring, practiced usually by those in Power, who follow Narciso Vyras's vision of what the World is, entails the clamping of the collar upon one's favored subservient. The public sees the etching in the plate at the base of the throat, signifying to whom the subservient belongs. Several subservient may wear collars of the same "Owner"--this is a highly personal decision. On the same note, "Owners" shall not hand out collars to just anyone. For the tight-fitting collar can only be removed by cutting it off, there is no magic to make it vanish, nor prayers to wish it away. The cutting causes serious, permanent physical injury and/or Death. This is NOT for IC/OOC "lovers" or light role-players. This is for the committed...for the role-players who can truly throw themselves into their roles. In addition to their characters and their professions, they are adding the dimension of a Master/Slave, or Owner/Property aspect.

This is not done in many medieval role-playing games for the following reasons:

If done by a novice, the IC relationship could cause OOC emotions one did not foresee happening...sometimes detrimentally.

Both partners should know each other well enough both IC and OOC, and be able to separate fantasy rpg scening from reality...hence the caution given before allowing characters to collar.

Both players will write to the Owners before utilizing the Collars in the channel. This prevents us having to investigate complaints in the future regarding inappropriate behaviors. Letters of request will advise a brief character history, as well as consent from both parties.

For example, Narciso Vyras, the Emperor, has his Wife collared. This is a reflection of his character: Not only does she bear his last name, and the title of Empress, he also has her collared. Call it a show of power, or his ego enhancement...whatever the case, this is what he has chosen to do to her. Her name upon your screen would appear as:


Theretofore, her character wears this collar.  All who see her, in case there was a doubt as to whom she was, could see his initials etched in the plate. His daughter, Cipriana Vyras is NOT collared.  Collars also tend to signify the presence of an intimate relationship, these are not part of the Family's daily attire.

Setting the precedent on the rest of the collared subservient, it is to be noted that Nardija's behavior directly reflects upon him...a piece of his Empire, property...and with the collar comes the responsibility of answering to him.  This answering works in two ways:  He is her Guardian, as well as her Lifeline. Without him, she is nothing. He judges her actions more harshly than those that he has not lain such a personal claim upon. Both Narciso and Nardija acknowledge this fact, and this relationship shapes who she is. Where her collar constricts her physically, altering certain actions, he is not necessarily constrained. His only bind is that of emotion, if he in fact feels anything at all.

Again--this is yet another freedom of gaming offered you by the Creators of Abyssia, the Perfect Minds Productions Team. This option is not to be abused or misused. And will NOT be used without written staff approval.

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