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Acadia, the Jewel in the Emperor's Crown

Cobblestone streets and stone walls divide Acadia, in a physical sense, but the differences in the Quality of Life run so much deeper; Acadia, for the chosen few is the Idyllic place to live their lavish lives: for most, it is riddled with pain and death...a place of dead dreams, dying hopes, empty lives comprised of desolation, violation, isolation.

The Sectors of the City that house the Palace, as is The Knights' Headquarters Facility, and the Gated Communities are Immaculate: sparkling, almost sterile in cleanliness. There is no foliage of note, as the climate does not support flowering blossoms anymore, but the architecture in the Palace and the Estates is awe-inspiring, with a quality of workmanship unsurpassed. Imperial Guards both on foot and on horseback patrol these Sectors day and night, regardless of weather. All Capitol Buildings are also housed in these Sectors. As the Wealthy do business in many of the Hallowed Halls, and they do not venture over the wall, except to visit Maeji.

Over the Walls: the broken souls' wails can be heard...here is where the Indigent, sickly, castoffs, inmates, orphans, unwanted, and the betrayed live meager existences. Housed in the four prison work camps, the orphanage, and the two overflowing asylums, there is no precise headcount, but it is rumored that over ten thousand are living in space meant for a third of that. The stench of disease, filth, death and despair hangs in the air; rotten, corrupt, overpowering, numbing the senses and the mind. A total opposite of what lies over that Regal wall.

Patrols are not brought in except for times of Uprising. There have been no notable riots in the last decade or so...tales of the Emperor commanding that the Workers in the facilities add a dose of arsenic to each serving of gruel dished out thrice daily to every man, woman and child who lives in these squalid conditions, it would be logical to surmise that if the poisoning reports are true, coupled with the plagues that roar through these close quarters, there is no true resistance to be found. Any spirit of rebellion is lost in these hopeless, desperate surroundings. It is somewhat ironic, yet not surprising that the Causes of Death in this Sector, are in this order:

  • Suicide
  • Plague
  • Torture
  • Murder by One's Peer(s)
  • Industrial Accidents.

Your happiness as well as chances of survival depend upon to what Sector you are Assigned. Rare instances of poor young women being taken by wealthy men, either as spouses or concubines, have occurred, as have rich couples plucking the occasional infant from the Orphanage. But these instances are few and far between. One false move, that's how fortunes change. The Emperor has, as past precedent, taken those who have fallen from his Grace, and ordered them from their stately homes to condemnation on the Other Side. It can happen to virtually anyone, without a moment's warning.

These are the Two Faces of Acadia, Domania. The perfect foils for the Tyrant...opulence and oppression.

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